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The side table with the 16 rods!

The stool sixteen is a piece of architecture. The skyline of solid oak rods is reminiscent of Manhattan: massive buildings and deep street canyons.

The bars are arranged in a strict grid. The strong contrasts with heights and depths, with light and shadow, make the piece of furniture very expressive.

The proportions are all in accordance with the ratio phi (1.618), the golden section. The edge length of the rods is 42 mm, the rod length is 42 cm. 

- Float glass pane, 26 x 26 cm, 10 mm thick
- Flower vase of glass, insertable, up to 9 pieces can be used
- Stainless steel candle holder, insertable, up to 9 pieces can be used

26 × 26 × 42 cm, solid oak wood, colourless lacquered
Weight: 9,5 kg

- Focus Open Silber 2010
- German Design Award 2012, nominated
- Trends 2009, special exhibition, Ambiente Frankfurt

Design classic: Produced since 2008
Design: Peter Keilbach
Made in Germany, manufactured in Baden-Württemberg