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Including value added tax

Letterbox classics. Produced since 2000!

The variant with a front and flap made of weatherproof corroded steel.

36 x 43,5 x 13 cm, DIN EN 13724, 
Weatherproof corroded steel and stainless steel with brushed surface, material thickness 2,0 and 1,5 mm, slit 3,5 × 32,5 cm, damping elements close the letterbox flap slowly and quietly, incl. mounting material, weight: 9,0 kg

Newspaper box for glasnost.iron
36 x 14 x 12 cm, weatherproof corroded steel, material thickness 2,0 and 1,5 mm, incl. mounting material, weight: 2,5 kg

- for setting in concrete, height 1,5 m of which approx. 30 cm are set in concrete
- for screwing on, height 1,2 m
Stainless steel, brushed surface, rectangular tube 3 x 6 cm, material thickness 2,0 mm, with threaded bushes for fastening the letterbox and the newspaper box, incl. devices for the exact alignment of the two rectangular tubes, incl. mounting material, weight: 9,0 kg

Award: Form 2001

Design classic: Produced since 2000
Design: Peter Keilbach
Made in Germany, manufactured in Baden-Württemberg