The mailboxes of the glasnost-series are part of the architecture. Their pure design does not attempt to be more important than architecture itself. The focus lies on the material which defines the character of these mailboxes. Many architects appreciate their clear and reduced design.

The innovative material selection, the careful workmanship and the timeless design make these mailboxes a product with a long life expectancy.

NEW: Through the Installation of 2 damping elements the flap closes gently and silently.

What is special about the mailbox glasnost.wood.heart: There is a 5 mm thick glass plate behind the heart-shaped window in the front. As time goes by, the larch wood silvers developing its very own interesting patina. The front is projecting.

Brushed stainless steel, untreated larch wood (can also be painted, lacquered, glazed or oiled) or oak wood
42 × 43,5 × 14 cm, flap 3,5 × 32,5 cm, 11,0 kg
DIN EN 13724

Design: Peter Keilbach
Made in Germany, manufactured in Baden-Württemberg

Design Award: Form 2001

glasnost.wood.larch.heart 07 1501 759,00 EUR larch wood‚ oiled
glasnost.wood.oak.heart 07 1512 759,00 EUR oak wood‚ oiled
Suitable Accessories 
glasnost.newsbox.wood.larch 07 1205 149,00 EUR larch wood‚ oiled
glasnost.newsbox.wood.oak 07 1206 159,00 EUR oak wood‚ oiled
glasnost.stativ.concrete 07 9201 399,00 EUR
glasnost.stativ.screw 07 9202 419,00 EUR

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