The glasnost-mailboxes can be labelled according to your wishes.

The above drawings show 18 different design suggestions.

It is that easy:
1. Choose a suitable glasnost-mailbox (see below).
2. Choose the design suggestion (1 to 18), that most closely approximates your wishes (regardless of the base color).
3. Choose a font (a to h). To see the different font samples please click “flyer”.
4. Decide what you want to be labelled onto the letterbox (name and/or street number).
5. Click “buy” and let us know your choice.
6. You will receive a PDF with our design suggestion according to your specifications and a non-binding offer.
7. As soon as we receive your approval, we will label the letterbox with first-grade film and send it to you.
8. The postmen and your neighbors will be amazed!

Note: Mail us a picture of your house or entrance area, so that we get an impression of where the mailbox will be installed later on. This allows us to advice you individually.

The following glasnost-models are suitable for labeling:

glass, glass.360, glass.white

glasnost-models with fronts made from stainless steel:
metal, metal.360

glasnost-models with lacquered fronts:,,,, color.white, color black und color.kundenfarbe

glasnost.folienbeschriftung-1 07 9214 29,00 EUR house number
glasnost.folienbeschriftung-2 07 9215 39,00 EUR family name
glasnost.folienbeschriftung-3 07 9216 49,00 EUR family name and house number

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