A message in a bottle (german: Flaschenpost) is the embodiment of exiting news.

One can find out easily whether or not the postman has filled your mailbox flaschenpost because of the translucent material. The corpus consist of high-strength, impact- and UV-resistant plastics.

The opening and removal flaps are made of stainless steel. In order to achieve a standardized drop opening the flap has the shape of a smiley. In this mailbox do fit envelopes up to the C4 format with a width of 23 cm. The flap closes automatically.

The mailbox can be mounted to the wall or can stand unattached on a stand. This product is completed by a newsbox and a name plate.

flaschenpost 07 7101

Impact-resistant plastic, brushed stainless steel
d 23 × 40 cm

Design: Peter Keilbach
Made in Germany, manufactured in Baden-Württemberg

flaschenpost 07 7101 299,00 EUR

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