The stool sixteen is a piece of architecture. The skyline of massive oak bars reminds of Manhattan: monumental buildings and urban canyons. The bars are lined up in a strict grid. Therefore sixteen is puristic and spectacular at the same time and a perfect fit for any interior.

Sixteen can serve as a stool or as a side table. It does not stop here, however. With a series of matching accessories (Artemide lamp, candle sticks, flower vases) sixteen transforms into a floor lamp, a candle holder or a huge flower vase.

All proportions accord to the totient function, the Golden Section. The bars edge length is 4,2 cm, their length is 42 cm.

sixteen 02 2000
Coated solid oak
26 × 26 cm, h = 42 cm, 9,5 Kg

sixteen.table 02 2002
Coated solid oak, glass top with polished edges

Design: Peter Keilbach
Made in Germany, manufactured in Baden-Württemberg

Design Awards:
Focus Open Silber 2010
German Design Award 2012 (nominated)
Trends 2009, special exhibition, Ambiente fair, Frankfurt

sixteen 02 2000 279,00 EUR
Passendes Zubehör 
sixteen.table 02 2002 29,00 EUR
sixteen.candle 02 2004 18,00 EUR
sixteen.flower 02 2005 18,00 EUR

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