Halleluja! This is the Christmas tree stand the world has been waiting for!

It can be set up ultra-simply and intuitively, without tools and cumbersome instructions. Just by putting together the three metal parts to a well-designed star and fixing the tree by using the included wooden wedges. Done!
Halleluja follows a principle that we all know from raising Christmas trees and May poles at public places. And once Christmas is over, halleluja makes itself flat again, waiting in its box until the following year.

halleluja.red 06 6001

halleluja.green 06 6002

halleluja.silver 06 6003

Powder coated steel
50 × 12 cm, 4,4 Kg
Tree diameter: up to 7 cm

Design: Peter Keilbach
Made in Germany, manufactured in Baden-Württemberg

Design Award: Red Dot 2012 Winner

halleluja.red 06 6001 99,00 EUR
halleluja.green 06 6002 99,00 EUR
halleluja.silver 06 6003 99,00 EUR

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