The feeder pick.up is an all-round success: its design, completely without corners and edges, flatters the eye.
In addition this feeder can be used even where there is no garden or balcony. Because pick.up can be fixed directly to the window with a vacuum cup. We do not know whether the feathered visitors are pleased by the design, but for sure they appreciate the well-thought-out details and materials.

Fixation: To the window with a vacuum cup
- Onto a tree with a rope
- On a pale with a screw
Suitable fixing material (vacuum cup, rope, wood screw) is included in the delivery.

pick.up 06 3000

Translucent plastics (impact and UV-resistant), stainless steel, wood, rubber.
Vacuum cup, rope and wood screw are also included in the delivery.
The pale shown in the pictures is not part of the delivery.
d = 20 cm, t = 12 cm, 1,5 kg

Design: Peter Keilbach
Made in Germany, manufactured in Baden-Württemberg

Design Awards:
Design Inspiration 2007 (an international designer selection, DAAB-Publishing)

pick.up 06 3000 65,00 EUR

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