Its all in the name!

The fireplace fiesta (span. festivity) is the party animal among our fireplaces. This fireplace is beautiful, uncomplicated and considerate.

Accessories: Stainless-steel grill.

Weatherproof steel is a material that creates a waterproof oxite that prevents any oxidation of the steel to continue into the product. This results in a surface of protective oxide against atmospheric corrosion.

fiesta 05 0010
3 mm thick, blank, weatherproof steel sheet (will develop patina over time)
The rusted material leaves marks on the ground.
35 × 35 × 62 cm, 18,5 Kg

fiesta.grillrost 05 0002
Barbecue Rack
Stainless steel, can be cleaned in the dish washer.
30 × 28 cm, 0,9 kg

fiesta.sockel 05 0102
Bottom Plate
3 mm thick, blank, weatherproof steel sheet (will rust over time).
The rusted material leaves marks on the ground.
60 × 60 × 3,5 cm, 10 kg

A campfire generates soot and ash. If used as a barbecue the fireplace is also splashed with grease. This is inevitable. The approach to clean a fireplace goes against the natural use of fire. This is the reason why we use steel sheet that will rust over time. The sculptural form of this fireplace then will appear like a piece of art. Rust, ash and grease can not harm its beautiful appearance!

Design: Peter Keilbach
Made in Germany, maufactured in Baden-Württemberg

fiesta 05 0010 279,00 EUR
Suitable Accessories 
fiesta.grillrost 05 0002 58,00 EUR

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