Spick and span lies the doormat picobello in the entrance area and ensures an impeccably clean appearance of any visitor.

Dirt and humidity are optimally absorbed by the dense, UV-resistant polyamide fiber. If required the stainless steel element can be removed and picobello lights up in new shine after a quick round in the washing machine.

picobello 04 4050
87 × 57 × 0,9 cm

picobello.small 04 4051
57 × 42 × 0,9 cm

Doormat: UV-resistant polyamide fiber with durable and slip-resistant PVC-back.
Use-Surface: 100% Polyamide
Washable at 30° C

Stainless Steel Element: Material 2 mm, lettering “Welcome” printed with screen printing technique.

Design: Peter Keilbach

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