Marilyn – the icon amongst the coat racks.

Marilyn has the appearance of a diva, but with an incredibly simple handling. No tools are needed, only the upper stainless steel element is shifted towards the middle. Already, a spectacular waistline of wood and stainless steel with numerous hangers arise. Marilyn is available in walnut, oak and ash.

Due to her outstanding robustness and strength, marilyn is perfectly suitable for public areas.

8 sicks made of ash, oak or walnut, oiled
8 pins made of stainless steel providing 16 possibilities for hanging clothes
Connecting elements made of stainless steel
Can be set up easily
Diameter 65cm, height 162cm, weight 9,0kg

Design: Peter Keilbach
Made in Germany, manufactured in Baden-Württemberg

marilyn.ash 02 1050 559,00 EUR Ausführung in Esche
marilyn.oak 02 1051 589,00 EUR Ausführung in Eiche
marilyn.walnut 02 1052 659,00 EUR Ausführung in Nussbaum 02 1053 589,00 EUR Esche‚ schwarz lasiert und geölt
marilyn.white 02 1054 589,00 EUR Esche‚ weiß lasiert und geölt

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