The coat rack cross-my-heart is a designer piece of memorable, asymmetric beauty, that enriches any modern home environment. Filigree sticks made from oiled ash or oiled oak create a fantastic structure that formally reflects the architecture of deconstructivism. Every perspective ist different, the observer’s fantasy is challenged again and again. A fascinating piece of furniture, that brilliantly combines unusual beauty and sophisticated functionality. Just one turn and the coat rack is set up within seconds, without further assembly. Cross-my-heart then offers numerious possibilities for hanging jackets, coats and bags to the six sticks and three hooks. Hangers and scarfs find a lot of space onto the three cross-bars made from stainless steel.

cross-my-heart.ash 02 1060
6 sticks made of ash, oiled, stainless steel
d = 58, h = 166 cm, 7,2 kg

cross-my-heart.oak 02 1061
6 sticks made of oak, oiled, stainless steel
d = 58, h = 166 cm, 7,2 kg

Design: Peter Keilbach
Made in Germany, manufactured in Baden-Württemberg

cross-my-heart.ash 02 1060 429,00 EUR Ausführung in Esche
cross-my-heart.oak 02 1061 449,00 EUR Ausführung in Eiche

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