The selection of the right font is crucial for the readability of a house number. At the same time the house number is an important formal detail.

For our iron.number we use the font Eurostile, which has been developed by the renowned Italian typographer Aldo Novarese in 1962 already. The digits are designed on the basis of rectangle and square. This means they blend into any building structure like an architectural element.

The surface of this house number made of rusted weatherproof steel comes with a nice patina already, that, dependent on the location, will individually develop further. So, over time, every house number becomes a single-piece.

iron.number 8 002

Rusted weatherproof steel, mounted to the wall with a distance
Height 24 cm, Material 2 mm

Typography: Aldo Novarese
Made in Germany, manufactured in Baden-Württemberg

iron.number.240 08 002 49,00 EUR
Weitere Produkte aus korrodiertem Stahl 
jingle.iron 08 101159 64,00 EUR
glasnost.iron 07 2001 599,00 EUR
twitter.iron 06 3101 79,00 EUR
phi.iron.1 04 5011 159,00 EUR
phi.iron.2 04 5021 199,00 EUR
phi.iron.3 04 5031 249,00 EUR

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