The jingle doorbells impress with their noble, minimalistic design and their maximal technical perfection.

The button is a precision device of high-class mechanical engineering. A high-tech product whose quality you can feel every time while ringing. The button is dust-tight and splash-proof according to IP66. Therewith the doorbells of the jingle series may be the highest-quality doorbell elements on the market.

AC voltage: Max. 5 Ampere, max. 250 Volt
DC voltage: Max. 2 Ampere, max. 28 Volt
Appropriate for use in the U.S.
Sealing: Protection Classification IP 66
Contacts: Fine Silver
Operating Temp. Range: – 20°C bis 70°C 08 1031
stainless steel, round shape, d= 6 cm (button 3,2 cm)
turned from solid stainless steel 08 1001
stainless steel, round shape, d= 6 cm (button 2,8 cm) 08 1005
stainless steel, round shape, d= 8 cm (button 2,8 cm)

Design: Peter Keilbach 08 1031 118,00 EUR 08 1001 69,00 EUR 08 1005 74,00 EUR

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