The stand consists of two stainless steel rectangular tubes and fits perfectly with the glasnost-mailboxes.
The threads for the mailbox and the newsbox are already factory-drilled. Mounting screws are included in the delivery.

The stand can be either screwed onto the ground (Art. 07 9202) or can be set in concrete (Art. 07 9201). Assembly aids to simplify positioning and adjustment of the stand are part of the delivery.

glasnost.stativ 07 9201

Rectangular tubes made from stainless steel for setting in concrete
3 × 6 × 150 cm, 9,0 Kg

glasnost.stativ 07 9202

Rectangular tubes made from stainless steel for screwing, including stainless steel screws and anchors.
3 × 6 × 120 cm, 9,0 Kg

Design: Peter Keilbach
Made in Germany, manufactured in Baden-Württemberg

glasnost.stativ 07 9201 399,00 EUR
glasnost.stativ 07 9202 419,00 EUR

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The stand is suitable for any mailbox of the glasnost-series

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